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Meet Our Sales Team

Meet our experienced and informative sales team serving the upper midwest with laundry, dry cleaning, and coin op supplies, equipment, and parts.



Mike Baker, President

Equipment Sales Manager



I have been with Minnesota Chemical since 1980. I like to meet the customer and hear what their needs are. We want to know how we can make life better, make workers more efficient, improve ergonomics in the new laundry.


With equipment it's all about ingress and installation - measure the doors, count the stairs, check the concrete, verify the voltages, look at makeup air. Just because the dryer is in the laundry does not mean it can be removed easily!


When I'm not working, I enjoy running, biking, and cross-country skiing.



Dan Baker, V.P.

Equipment Sales



I have been part of MCC since 1984. My customers know I want them to be successful. If my products/advice can't help them make more money, I haven't done my job. Their success is my success.


When talking to coin laundry owners for the past 15 years, I have never heard one tell me that they have regretted raising their vend prices. Also, I have never had one owner tell me they have too many large machines.


I enjoy golfing, travelling, exploring the ever-growing beer aisle at Ray's Liquor, and watching the Packers beat the Bears – did I mention spending time with my wife and kids?



John Sullivan

Supply Sales



I have been with MCC since 1994. I bring industry perspective of a broad view to find solutions to problems. I have excellent communication skills with a large catalogue of industry-leading manufacturers products to help your operation.


I encourage my clients to always find the simplest solution to a problem. Use care tags wisely. Wet-clean spandex. Ink removal with the proper products and procedures makes it more efficient and effective.


Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, biking, playing golf and racket ball, and spending time with my family.



Tony Crain

Equipment Sales



I have been with MCC since 2016, and I work to make your laundry worry-free. When planning new or updating an existing laundry, I work with you every step of the way, making sure your equipment is the correct fit for your situation. I strive to reach out and get you an answer the same day for all your equipment related questions even after work hours via email. I have visited many equipment manufacturing plants and bring what I learn to our end-users to educate and keep laundries up-to-date with the latest news in the industry.


I work mainly in Hospitality, Healthcare, and Dry Cleaning plants across the Midwest. I am also a proud member of the local chapter of the Minnesota Cleaners Association.


Outside of work, I enjoy playing with my kids, visiting family, taking road trips, learning more about technology, and remodelling my home.



Jon Karll

Equipment and Supply Sales in WI



I have been working in equipment and supply sales for Minnesota Chemical since 2005.



James Baker

Equipment Sales MN, IA, and WI



I have been working in Equipment Sales at Minnesota Chemical since 2008.