Our 103rd Year!


August 2018 • Issue #643

40th Anniversary Celebration Hachioji (Tokyo) Japan

Mike Baker and James Baker were guests of the Uchikoshi family, the founders of Sankosha for the 40th Anniversary celebration. 200 guests included distributors, international Sankosha staff, large international cleaners and industry consultants. Sankosha hosted an expanded factory tour featuring new laser cutters, automated metal presses, the sewing department where all press pads are made, sub-assembly of parts made right in the factory and final assembly and testing. Sankosha has a second plant in Thailand owned by Sankosha and managed by experienced Sankosha staff. 

hachiojiFrom left Yusuke Uchikoshi, President of Sankosha; Masako Uchikoshi wife of founder; Mitsuyuki Uchikoshi, founder and CEO; Keisuke Uchikoshi, VP and International Sales; Wes Nelson, President Sankosha USA.

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Two Sankosha staff show single/ double buck shirt heads cut, formed, pressed,
welded and polished in the factory in Japan in a 7 step process.

Other celebrations included a tour to a bullet train test facility, a winery and a rural restaurant serving traditional Japanese cuisine. At the grand celebration, 7-course dinner guests were entertained by traditional Japanese puppets.

Wes Nelson, 26-year employee of Sankosha USA was given the position of President Sankosha-USA. Congratulations Wes.

Sankosha is now the market leader in USA with a large operating pressing plant, warehouse and parts department 4 miles form O’Hare airport in Elk Grove Village – Chicago. Wes invites cleaners to



Minnesota Chemical People

Duane Fox, Assistant Warehouse Manager, is the latest employee to earn a certificate in the year-long bonus TOBACCO FREE Program. Congratulations, Duane.


Ugg Re-Nu

Comprehensive ONE-PRODUCT SOLUTION of detergency, conditioners, and odor eliminators for the processing of Shearling Footwear

For processing 1, 2, or 3 pairs of footwear in a household type washer.


Run lights and darks separately!

  • Program washer on delicate cycle, cold water, high level
  • Measure 12 ounces of solution
  • Using measured solution, lightly brush heavily soiled areas
  • Pour balance of solution into washer and allow to mix well
  • Place footwear in the washer with soles facing up
  • Allow wash cycle to complete
  • Air dry footwear at room temperature or in boiler room
  • Dry brush footwear to re-nu the softness of the nap

$79.99 per Gallon

(Approximately $2.50 chemical cost to process 1 pair of Uggs)

Recommended price for cleaning to
consumer is $25.00!

New People At MCC Laundry

The Minnesota Chemical Company welcomes Bill Kim and Lewis Harris

Lewis joined us in April as an experienced Service Technician. He worked at Metalmatic and has skills in welding, electrical, mechanical and steam. Lewis worked on a new  Milnor CBW® project in IA, coin laundries in IA and MN and on premise laundries in three states. Lewis lives in Minneapolis and is earning accolades from customers and coworkers.

Bill joined us in August to focus on coin vend laundry. He and his wife Kaitlin and two children live in Plymouth. Bill is trilingual – Korean, English and Japanese. He taught
English in Korea. Bill has been in the industry for five years and has experience in parts for laundry, dry cleaning and coin laundry.

Bill and Lewis participated in our very successful FREE FALLS SHOWS in Menomonee Falls, WI and Shoreview, MN in October where they presented new products and trained attendees in repair and installation of on-premise and coin vend washers and dryers.


Water Conservation for On-Premise Laundries

Milnor’s 60 lb. capacity washer-extractors feature RinSave® water conservation technology standard

Milnor logo

Current economic conditions have forced healthcare facilities to focus on operating costs, particularly back-of-the-house operations – including the on-premise laundry, according to healthcare operators.

This innovative process called RinSave® eliminates up to two high-level rinses (.33 gallons per pound processed) and up to 10 minutes in the wash formula.

It saves labor, water, sewer and electricity which are the largest direct operating expenses in the laundry. RinSave® conserves water, further substantiates your facility’s green program and is
infinitely sustainable, without further investment.

rinsavewatersavingfeature_10050875 milnor

Service Tips By Ed

Preventive Maintenance Agreements

The Minnesota Chemical Co. has a preventive maintenance program where we will come in once every 3 months, 6 months or once a year to service your laundry equipment.

At a set price, we perform lubrications, make minor adjustments, do a general inspection of equipment, do simple repairs or recommend more complex future repairs and check operation of safety devices. For an hourly rate we can come in and train your staff on how to maintain your equipment.

This can cut down on costly repairs, fires and injuries to staff. Laundry equipment is very important to any operation, so it should always be kept in top running condition. We can come in and train your staff on the proper way to load and operate your laundry equipment - or ask your chemical supplier. If your laundry equipment is getting to that point where it needs to be replaced we have a full equipment sales staff at The Minnesota Chemical Co. who can give you a quote on replacement equipment. New equipment can save labor, utilities and can make your linen last longer. For service issues call direct to the service department 651-288-4857 Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.


MCC Holiday Schedule:

Closed Thanksgiving and day after Thanksgiving November 22, 23.

Closed December 24, 25 and 31.

Best wishes to all for a joyous Holiday Season and prosperous New Year.


Parts Ideas From Barb

Barb says: “There are essential parts you should have on hand: Belts for washers and dryers, drain valve or pump (Barb is holding a gravity drain), door gaskets and seals for washers, lint screen for dryer, dryer ignition cable and ignition module, relays for washers.”

Trip to Machu Picchu

Huebsch sponsored a trip to Machu Picchu, Peru for top dealers

Steve Baker, recently retired MCC VP and his wife represented MCC. There were 85 dealers, Regional Sales Staff and Huebsch management staff. Networking was great and friendships were made. Thank you Huebsch.



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