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On-Premise Laundry Equipment

Minnesota Chemical is proud to represent the most premier lines of laundry equipment. As an authorized dealer of Milnor, Chicago Dryer, and Huebsch equipment, MCC can provide properly sized equipment for your plant. MCC equipment sales representatives specialize in knowing all of the features and benefits of the equipment offered with special emphasis on providing energy efficient and labor saving options.

  • Exclusive distributor for MILNOR washer/extractors and dryers in Minnesota, North Dakota and portions of Iowa, Wisconsin and South Dakota.
  • MILNOR washing machines are sized from 35 to 850 pounds.
  • We have installed 10 MILNOR CBW continuous batch washing systems.
  • New MILNOR CBW PulseFlow .5 gallons per pound!
  • Dryers manufactured by MILNOR, ADC, and HUEBSCH.
  • CHICAGO flatwork ironers, feeders and folders as well as small piece folders.
  • Complete availability of water heating systems, boilers, lint filters, conveyors and heat/water recovery systems.
  • Dryers with drying sensors save utilities and time.
  • Dryers with fire safety for your protection.


On-Premise Washers

Milnor Washers

Small Rigid Mount Washers

Milnor's small mount washers offer you savings on labor, linen replacement costs, energy, water and total cost of ownership. We are happy to offer such high-quality products for our laundry customers. 

Small Suspended Washers

Like the small rigid washers, the total cost of ownership for Milnor's small suspended washers provides you savings. With high-quality controls, safe chemical injection system, and proper design, Milnor makes it an easy choice for washers.

Large Washers

Allowing capacities of over 400 pounds, our large capacity, suspended washers can hold up to 700 pounds in one cycle. With touch panel controls, the ease of use and efficiency of this washer will help your business.

Divided Cylinder Washers

Divided cylinder washers also offer large capacity loads and are ideal for any laundry. Available with RinSave water saver standard, these washers will save fresh water consumption without compromising your wash quality.

Continuous Batch Washers (CBW)

The primary benefits of the technology used in Milnor's CBW washers for you are saving water, saving energy, shorter wash times, and longer linen life. This process can be ideal for hospitality, health care, and rental industries.

Huebsch Washers

Softmount Washers 20# - 125#

The Huebsch softmount washer extractors over a freestanding design allowing easy installation. And also provide time-saving, utility savings through improved efficiency using 15% less water in the washing process. Ask about the Huebsch Softmount washers.

Cabinet Washers 20# - 100#

All of the Huebsch cabinet washer extractors are designed to be easy to use and offer efficient technology advances including optimized water use, maximized cleaning power, and advanced leaks detection.



On-Premise Dryers


Huebsch has long been known for their top performing commercial tumble dryers. By balancing airflow and heat input, Huebsch commercial tumble dryers deliver fast drying without wasting energy.


ADC offers three lines of on premise dryers including intelligent drying machines, traditional dryers, and energy efficient dryers. These on premise dryers serve the spa and salon industries and many more.


Milnor carries four types of dryers include traditional dryers from 30 - 200 pounds, industrial dryers, pass-through dryers, and dryer cabinets ideal for the fire department gear.


Feeders, Ironers and Folders

Chicago Dryer


Ideal for hospitality or event industries, the Chicago feeding equipment provides accurate and automated high volume presentation of sheets and table linen.


With a range of sizes, these ironers fit a variety of places and industries from dry cleaners to hospitality to fire restoration, Chicago has the right ironer for you.


From folding napkins to processing high quantities, Chicago offers a range of folding equipment to cover needs of high-production facilities to on-premise needs.




Manufacturers We Carry