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July 2018 • Issue #642

Our Customers: Motel 6 in Mankato

Left to Right Kyle Roberts, Tom Yenish


Tom Yenish is an interesting guy. He pioneered the idea of a pet resort in SW Minnesota by opening The Paw several years ago. Tom is a person who strives to find new ideas and the best people for his ventures. He opened his first “people” resort, the Motel 6 earlier this year. Motel 6 is not known nationally as a resort, but you are treated as if you are in a resort when you arrive. Manager Kyle Roberts is a 27-year-old who has taken over the hotel with good advice from Tom. A beautiful lobby, well-furnished rooms and many small touches make it an enjoyable stay in an efficient hotel. The commercial laundry is isolated from all sleeping rooms so staff can run washers and dryers any time night or day. Multiple TV screens allow staff in the laundry to monitor the entire hotel while folding towels. High-speed Milnor 60# VRJ washers are raised to a convenient loading height for workers and there is very ample workspace behind the washers to service the drain and washers. Dryers are in an enclosure to use outdoor makeup air for greatest efficiency in drying. and Indy pace cars.



Chris deals

Supply Deals by Chris

Poly Bumpers are now Available!!!

  • Fitted 1-piece bumper
  • Heavy-duty nylon
  • Protects walls, doorways, elevators
  • Easily field installed (no adhesive or fasteners)
  • Designed for use with Royal Poly Trucks (PT, PG)

Part # List Price PB Size
R06-KKX-PBN $111.12 6 BU
R08-KKX-PBN $114.97 8 BU
R10-KKX-PBN $117.76 10 BU
R12-KKX-PBN $118.65 12 BU
R14-KKX-PBN $135.19 14 BU
R16-KKX-PBN $135.19 16 BU
R18-KKX-PBN $138.24 18 BU
R20-KKX-PBN $144.13 20 BU




Coin Laundry

Galaxy Controls for Huebsch® Washer Extractors


Huebsch logo

Maximum Revenue | Optimize Efficiency | Easy to Use

Huebsch Galaxy, vended laundry’s most innovative control system, brilliantly combines advanced features and intuitive operation to deliver laundromat revenue unlike anything else in the industry. And with the support of Huebsch Command™, you can put all these amazing features to work for you anywhere there’s an internet connection.

  • Multi-Level Vend Pricing allows you to charge extra for warm or hot water, resulting in improved profitability.
  • Cycle Modifiers offer customers additional options and flexibility for their wash needs while bringing laundromat owners another powerful, revenue enhancing
  • Time-of-Day Pricing enables price variations throughout the day, helping you manage peak laundromat customer usage and compete for new customers.
  • 24 Customizable Cycle Selections provide customers with options to optimize vended laundry machine wash results for various loads while creating added revenue opportunities for laundromat owners.





Tuesday, October 23rd

MCC Warehouse

Menomonee Falls, WI

Thursday, October 25th

North Metro Event Center

Shoreview, MN


Save the Date: 2018 MCC FREE Fall Shows

On Premise and Coin Vended Service School and Open House.


Hotels, Care Facilities and Laundromats.


Meet with industry experts, get inside tips on store management, machine technical support and trouble shooting.


Service Tips By Ed

Ed TipsAir Compressor Maintenance

Something that not many operators think about are the air compressors that feed your washers, folders, ironers, feeders, presses,
dry cleaning machines and secondary lint filters. The air from the air compressor must be moisture free. Water in the air can rust steel components or cause corrosion on aluminum valves and air cylinders. Older brass valves and cylinders are also adversely affected.


We recommend a refrigerated air dryer for new, more sensitive equipment in laundries and dry cleaners. And always be sure to drain your compressed air tank every day.





Dry Cleaners and Health Care Laundries:

100% American Made Galvanized Hanger


Consistent Quality

Consistent hooks and neck twists reduce jam ups and runs smoothly through your system.


No paint chips

Nothing to chip off and injure the hands of workers. No exposure to rust.


Chrome Look

Your garments will show better and enhance your customer’s image of quality.


Environmentally Friendly

The zinc coating and the wire are completely safe and recyclable.


No Rust
Our safe and long lasting galvanized finish eliminates stains and damage to garments.


Longer Life

Strict manufacturing tolerances, along with the higher tensile strength of our wire, combine to make a stronger and more durable hanger.


Shirt, Suit and Strut styles available from our stock.




Water Conservation for On-Premise Laundries

Milnor’s 60 lb. capacity washer-extractors feature RinSave® water conservation technology standard

Current economic conditions have forced healthcare facilities to focus on operating costs, particularly back-of-the-house operations – including the on-premise laundry, according to healthcare operators. This innovative process called RinSave® eliminates up to two high level rinses (.33 gallons per pound processed) and up to 10 minutes in the wash formula. It saves labor, water, sewer and electricity which are the largest direct operating expenses in the laundry. RinSave® conserves water, further substantiates your facility’s green program and is infinitely sustainable, without further investment.


Typical direct operating costs with two Milnor RinSave® water saving 60 lb. washers.


  Day Week Annual
Labor $21.96 $153.72 $7,993.44
Water & Sewer $21.76 $152.32 $7,920.64
Natural Gas (HW) $10.80 $75.60 $3,931.20
Electricity $3.18 $22.26 $1,157.52
Wash Chemistry $9.60 $67.20 $3,494.40
Total $67.30 $471.10 $24,497.20


Cost Per Pound $.0524



Parts Ideas From Barb

July 4 is Independence Day.


To say thank you for your parts orders, we will pack a free small American flag with all orders shipped from St. Paul and we will give a free flag with all will-call orders at our St. Paul
offices during the month of July.


All flags are made in the USA. God Bless America.



Coin Store Owners:

We can use some help in coin laundry equipment sales and/or service in our 5 states... even PT. Do you have time?


Call Dan Baker 414-708-5242. We want to talk.



Dry Cleaners

Isn’t it time for you to step up to the finest in finishing – Sankosha.


sankosha_logo Sankosha celebrates its 40th Anniversary in business – 25 years in the USA!
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