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Dry Cleaning Financing Options

As part of the sales cycle, Minnesota Chemical equipment sales engineers will consult with you about various payment options available for your equipment purchase.  We have relationships with outside companies that are familiar with the laundry, dry cleaning and coin laundry operations and who offer various forms of leasing and financing.  The application process is easy and direct and can be expedited for quick turnaround.  Minnesota Chemical can also work with any lender that you know to familiarize them with the price, value and ROI of the equipment being considered.

Minnesota Chemical understands that a good financing arrangement serves all parties involved.  Payment options, flexibility, creative design and affordability are all important reasons to learn about and consider financing options.

Financing your upcoming project makes sense, allow us to customize a solution for your business!

  • Work around budget issues, conserve working capital, and spread the purchase out up to five years
  • Installation, maintenance, taxes, and other services may be included
  • Save money with our Equipment Finance Agreement, put the purchase on your books, take the depreciation on your taxes, and ability to pay off early with no penalty
  • Our Partners specialize in leasing & financing dry cleaning, commercial and coin laundry equipment

Whether you’re a startup company or a seasoned veteran, financing and leasing offers you more solutions.

The Advantages of Financing

  • Creates Low Monthly Payments
  • Allows you to acquire essential equipment without tying up capital
  • Preserves your bank credit line
  • Provides a fixed – payment shelter from rising interest rates
  • Expand productions and improve business productivity