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December 2018 • Issue #647

Our Customers – Our Vendors – Our Free Falls Shows

Thanks for coming to shows in Menomonie Falls, WI, and Shoreview, MN

Super Savertime-energy-water

Milnor’s 60 lb. capacity model 30022 VRJ provides three ways to save: time, energy and water. That’s good for our environment. And great for you.

Milnor’s E-P Plus® controller has pre-programmed wash formulas built right in to save you time. You can modify formulas or create and save up to 30 of your own. Our extra-large cylinder perforation means linens end the cycle retaining less moisture, speeding up dryer times to save energy. Save water with Milnor’s RinSave® Water Saver technology. The VRJ can even fit through a standard 3’-0” door, which simplifies installation and saves space. That’s even more savings. Super!


The SoapTech/Pariser/MCC Supply Team

From Left: Tim Hush – Pariser, Racine WI; Chris Schiefelbein of MCC; Ken Bazille and Brent Hendrickson of SoapTech. Not shown: John Sullivan and Jon Karll - MCC Supply Sales, Bruce and Duane - MCC Warehouse/shipping, Erika Clinton - MCC City Desk.

Supply Deals by Chris

Minnesota Chemical is proud to partner with KEY COLOUR, a premier manufacturer of dye products for all industrial and institutional uses. In addition to offering a product for all needs, KEY COLOUR provides excellent technical support to ensure that you are getting the best dye job possible. Let Minnesota Chemical and KEY COLOUR help you save money by reclaiming faded linens and mats. Call us today for additional process information and pricing.

Super Shop Towel & Dust Mop Dye

  • Highly concentrated dye formulation is fast dissolving and dispersing.

Walk-Off Mat Dye Kits

  • “User-friendly” kits are easy to use and require only 60 minutes start to finish application time.

Colourfast Permanent Dye System Kits

  • Full color dye kit, not just a touch up kit

Keyvat Permanent Dye Kits

  • The most permanent dye available for cottons

Poly and Microfiber Dyes

  • Great for dying Polyester Napkins and Tablecloths

Maintenance Towel Dye – $127 per case

  • 60 x 8 oz water soluble bags available in red, navy, blue, violet, orange, brown, green, black, royal and yellow for 100% cotton

Ecolab logo aquanomic-logo

Aquanomic Low-Temp Laundry Program

Clean and white. Soft and fresh. You want the clean, white, soft and fresh results guests expect - the first time linens are laundered. The Aquanomic Low-Temp Laundry Program offers consistently superior results that delivers significant energy and water savings over traditional laundry programs, improving your bottom line. Whatever your laundry needs and challenges, Ecolab can offer a complete laundry solution that helps reduce rewash while extending the life of your linens.

Goodbye Jim Garcia – Again!

Jim Garcia has held just about every position at MCC. We made him President for a day when he retired in 2017. He came back to help out and we loved having him back. So we sa id
goodbye again and send him packing with a red travel bag.

Left to Right Bill Kim, Pat Reed, Jim Garcia and Anita Skinner

Ed Tips

Service Tips By Ed

Drain Valve Problems

Most Huebsch and Milnor washers use a Dependo Brand normally open drain valve.

This valve powers closed when the washer had power. When it is time to drain the machine takes power off the drain valve motor and a spring opens the valve allowing water to flow out by gravity. So if the machine loses power, the washer will empty.

Drain Valve stuck open or some water leaking out during cycle: Check voltage; check ball valve for debris caught in drain valve; clean the drain valve; check seal or replace drain valve; check for blockages in drain after drain valve. Be sure drain valve is not hard plumbed to final drain pipe or trough as it is an item that needs service.

Drain valve stuck closed: Check voltage; clean the ball valve; clean drain hose or replace drain valve.

Drain error: Run control through diagnostics; check drain hoses; check drain valve or replace drain valve.


Parts Ideas From Barb

Don’t act like a Grinch because your machine is down, call Barb in a pinch, s he’s right here in town.

Barb’s Gift to you: If you order $75 in parts in December ask Barb for your Christmas gift - instant $5 off your order!

Close Out Pricing on Thread, Buttons and Zippers!

We have decided to discontinue these items from our inventory, so we are offering very special close out pricing to you! We welcome you to either visit our St. Paul warehouse to view and inspect our large inventory of thread, buttons and zippers, or give us a call and we can confirm availability.


750 yard SPOOLS of Coats Dual Duty thread. Many colors to choose from. – $3 per spool


Shirt, fly, skirt, uniform buttons. Mostly 1 gross per box. Many colors and line sizes: – $2 per box


Many colors, styles and sizes. All metal zippers.

7”, 9”, and 11” Pants and Jean zippers, all colors – $0.50 each

14” to 48” Jacket zippers, all colors, regular and reversing – $1 each

18” to 48” Parka zippers, all colors, regular and reversing – $1 each

27” to 110” Sleeping Bag and Snowmobile zippers, all colors – $1 each

18” to 30” Coverall zippers, all colors – $1 each


MCC Holiday Schedule:

Closed December 24, 25 and 31.

Best wishes to all for a joyous Holiday Season and prosperous New Year.


Dry Cleaners and Health Care Laundries:

100% American Made Galvanized Hanger Consistent Quality

Consistent hooks and neck twists reduce jam ups and runs smoothly through your system.

No paint chips

Nothing to chip off and injure the hands of workers. No exposure to rust.

Chrome Look

Your garments will show better and enhance your customer’s image of quality.

Environmentally FriendlyIndy Hanger

The zinc coating and the wire are completely safe and recyclable.

No Rust

Our safe and long lasting galvanized finish eliminates stains and damage to garments.

Longer Life

Strict manufacturing tolerances, along with the higher tensile strength of our wire, combine to make a stronger and more durable hanger.

Shirt, Suit and Strut styles available from our stock.