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August 2018 • Issue #643

Minnesota Chemical People: Ed Jensen

Ed Jensen, Service Manager is the latest staff member of MCC to make the decision to become tobacco free. MCC awards participants with a certificate and check for $75 on each of the following anniversaries of tobacco free – 30 days, 90 days, six months and one year. Congratulations Ed.


Ed works with customers who have washer and dryer service issues on the phone and schedules service calls. He has recently helped get all service techs using tablets on service calls to improve accuracy and speed billing. He supervises training of techs in the shop, in the field and in online courses such as Alliance University. Ed is a certified Alliance Technician for both the Huebsch and Speed Queen brands.



Jim Darrah-In Memorium

In Memoriam

Jim Darrah, former MCC equipment sales, Iowa and southern MN

Jim Darrah founded our Iowa Service and Equipment sales department after working in supply sales to dairies, dry cleaners and laundries. He worked for us for almost 40 years. At the Minnesota Chemical Co 100th Anniversary Party he stated “...I loved every single day that I worked for Minnesota Chemical Co.” He was a great teacher and true friend to customers and staff members of our company. He will be missed.



Supply Deal Chris

Supply Deals by Chris

Just when you thought those permanent labels were really permanent!


HLR makes it easy to remove heat transfer text and barcode labels, name tags, department logos, emblems, RFID labels,  mending patches and garment identification/routing labels.


Dry cleaners, hotels, casinos, hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities, correctional facilities, uniform rental, costume rentals use heat transfer labels of all types to identify customers, uniforms, POS, etc. Many need to be removed at some point due to error, employee changes, past dry cleaning.

HLR Is easy to use

Apply drops HLR to inside of the garment where the label is. Apply a little more on the top side around the edge of the label. Pat with a cloth so that HLR reaches the adhesive. With a sharp edge, lift the label from the fabric. If there is residue of glue, apply HLR to residue and wipe off with a cloth.


Adhesive Remover Bottle_copy
Youtube Demostration View the demonstration. See how heat seal labels are removed from a variety of fabrics quickly and easily. Albachem Price






Tuesday, October 23rd

MCC Warehouse

Menomonee Falls, WI

Thursday, October 25th

North Metro Event Center

Shoreview, MN


Register Today: 2018 MCC FREE Fall Shows

On Premise and Coin Vended Service School and Open House.


Hotels, Care Facilities and Laundromats.


Meet with industry experts, get inside tips on store management, machine technical support and trouble shooting.





Bicycle Tour of Colorado

Bicylce Tours Colorado


Bicycle Tour of Colorado is a week long supported bicycle ride in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. www.bicycletourcolorado.com. Part of the fees support Adaptive Adventures https://adaptiveadventures.org/ whose mission is to provide progressive sports opportunities for people with physical disabilities. On the tour this year were hand cyclists and a veteran with one leg had outfitted his bike with one pedal. At the end of the day participants camp, stay in school gyms or motels. They bike 50 to 100 miles on roads and bike paths over scenic passes as high as Independence Pass at 12,095 feet.


Bike pic 1 (Sign)

Bike Pic 2 (People) BIke Pic 3 (Map)




Coin Store Owners:

We can use some help in coin laundry equipment sales and/or service in our 5 states... even PT. Do you have time?


Call Dan Baker 414-708-5242. We want to talk.



Service Tips By Ed

Ed TipsProper Lubrication of Machinery – Ironers and Folders by Chicago Dryer


Chains on feeders, ironers and folders should be lubricated on a regular basis. A spray chain lubricant is available or use high temp oil from an oil can. Any rust on a chain indicates lack of lubrication which can cause chain to stretch and possibly skip over gears or fail. Any excessive oil or grease should be wiped away. Check for zerk fittings and use a high temp grease gun to lubricate bearings. While doing your lubrication, check for worn parts and replace as needed. And, most importantly, look at the Preventative Maintenance pages in your Chicago Dryer manual – many customers print them and post them on the machine as a reminder.

Chicago Dryer Company






Parts Ideas From Barb

Due to the overwhelming positive results, we are extending our flag giveaway to August. With every part order you will receive an American flag – just in time for labor day – ask for it when you order or come to the window. 


Stock your parts shelves from our shelves!


Cut your down time to minutes from days… keep essential parts on your shelves. We recommend basic essential parts for your washers and dryers be kept on your shelves EVEN while your washers and dryers are under warranty. We will quickly replace warranty parts back to you. Belts, drain valves, water valves, dryer igniters are all items that could cause your washer or dryer to be down – reducing valuable production time. Call Barb Swanson, Parts Manager or Ed Jensen Service Manager for ideas on what to stock for your facility – 800-328-5689.



The Minnesota Chemical

Installation Crews 

We do it all, large and small installations.

Photos show a Milnor Continuous Batch Washer (CBW) System installation, a large open pocket Milnor washer in operation and a small Milnor on premise washer in our shop for training of techs.


Crews-Milnor Crew