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Tips for the Safe Operation of Laundry Equipment

MCC Equipment department suggests the following for safe operation of laundry equipment:

  • Read all instruction and operation manuals and have all affected employees properly trained. New manuals are easily available from distributors or manufacturers.
  • Read and maintain all safety labels and warnings.
  • Never dry articles that are moist with oil, gasoline, spotting or dry cleaning chemicals. Doing so can result in an explosion or fire hazzard.
  • Flush all hot water systems that have been dormant for more than two weeks. This flushing allows release of hydrogen gas that may have built up and otherwise could result in a fire. Never smoke or use an open flame during the flushing process.
  • Prior to servicing or inspecting equipment, always disconnect electrical power by shutting off the appropriate breaker or fuse. Also, disconnect any other utilities supplied to the machine such as air, steam and water.
  • Regularly clean dryer vents and lint screens. Lint is very flammable and must be removed daily.
  • Keep areas around machinery clutter-free and open.
  • Do not come close to heated or moving machinery. Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry, neck ties or have long unbound hair while operating machinery.
  • Do not operate machinery if it is grinding or smoking or has missing safety guards or panels.
  • Never bypass or tamper with controls or safety devices.